Health and Fitness – Concentrate On How Food Makes You Feel

Eating with health and fitness in mind is asking you to begin to look at food differently. We all love a good tasty meal but how often do you pay attention to how food makes you feel? Before it even crosses your mind, let’s take for granted that anything we eat needs to taste delicious whether it is healthy or not. So this is not an article about suffering through some horrible bland super-strict diet. This is certainly not about starving yourself. It is about making healthy choices so you look and feel better.Many of us turn to fitness to look better. Remember that appearance is a reflection of how you feel. If you are strong, flexible, and energetic your appearance will reflect it. So whether you are working out on your latest fitness exercise plan or deciding what to eat, concentrate on how you feel as opposed to just going through the motions. If you exercise, set some goals. Are you stronger today than you were last month? Likewise with food, I not only look to see if I’m leaning down, but do I feel better today than I did last month. Do I have more energy? Is my digestive system working well?The immediate effects of a bad meal are almost instantaneous. You feel heavy, bloated, and tired. Conversely, when you eat well you feel pleasantly full, completely satiated yet full of energy. You avoid the sugar rush and subsequent crash when you eat well. As time goes on it’s not just these short bursts of feeling good, but your energy in the early morning and late night improves as well. You sleep better. You avoid stomach and digestive issues. There is so much upside to eating well that very few of us focus upon. Instead we lament on the sweets and fats we’re missing instead of concentrating on all the good we are doing for ourselves by eating well.Missing food can be just as detrimental to how you feel. If you are the type of person who usually skips breakfast (and roughly half of us are according to studies) you aren’t doing yourself any favours. You body digests food better early in the day, and tends to store food late at night. Skipping breakfast will not help you lean down. In fact, it may contribute to weight gain. And it definitely doesn’t contribute to your energy levels during the day. So don’t skip meals!Eating well in conjunction with a comprehensive fitness exercise plan is the best recipe for health and fitness. Train and eat to be strong, flexible, and energetic and the rest will take care of itself. You can not only change the way you look, but you can change the way you feel. Being healthy will give you a more positive outlook on your whole life.

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