Newbie Photography Tips – First Steps For Kids

I have seen a lot of photography tips around the net and I would say that the majority are useful for the regular camera user and even to professional photographers.There are fewer Newbie Photography Tips and less ones exclusively for kids. There is something I love about Kids taking pictures. They may be lacking in techniques but it is intensely compensated by spontaneity. Of course that not all the pictures made will be worthy but even profies almost do not achieve a perfect score.One thing to consider when kids are behind a camera is that it is much better to do it behind a digital one then behind a conventional film camera or even a Polaroid. Why? Well this is easy, firs of all kids are usually impatient, and so they may See right away the results of the shot. Second, they can do a lot more of shots without getting over moms or dads budget in developing and printing. Just be sure the camera has sufficient memory and batteries.When they have called the day, transfer the images over to your computer and review them together, discard on agreed bad shots and keep the good ones. Always be sure not to trash the photos just on a personal judgment, hear out what your kid has to say and you may even get a big surprise considering their point of view. Maybe there will be a similar o better shot for the same concept.In some extreme cases if it is possible and the concept is worthy, allow the kid to go and try to retake the shot. Maybe in this case you can support him with some technique to avoid the mistake on the original shot. You may get a big surprise what a little patience and support can do.Once the kids get the hang on this, you will notice how always less pictures end up in the computers trash hold and the quality improves on the remaining ones.Keep always in mind that ideas, perspective and points of view are, in some cases, worlds apart from our own and it can take some effort to see what they want to show, but ones you got to that point, it is faster and easier every time.One other thing we have to consider, and I can not stress this out in off, is Safety Is First. Always go through these points, for the kids and the cameras sake. Be with them. Kids imagination can put them in the most strange and risky places to get their shot as they wish. Ask and instruct them to stay still wile looking at the cameras screen or through its objective window. Kids can loose sight of objects or holes in their way that can cause them to stumble or fell hurting themselves or damaging the camera. Try to keep them away from dangerous objects or situations and explain them why. Some animals can feel themselves in danger and attack if perused by someone hidden behind an object. Fire, water, electricity and sharp objects should be closely supervised when a kid is trying to take his shot of it. Be there to make sure they are not crossing over to a dangerous position.You will soon find out if this is just euphoria for the new camera or if there is a potential hobby to emerge within them. If this is the case, make sure to feeding their hunger of knowledge properly with suited information to their age. Look for some Newbie Photography Tips and upgrade to more sophisticated stuff as needed.

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