Three Critical Rules For Working at Home Successfully and a Snapshot of My Daily Routine

Three steps for keeping a good work-life balance at home;ONE: You must get up and get dressed. Don’t work in your bathrobe all day. You MUST shower, shave, put on makeup and dress as if you are going to an office. WHY? Because it will make you feel more professional. You will feel clean and fresh and the result is that you will gain more business and build confidence.TWO: Socialize. You must invite friends over for dinners and go out to movies or whatever you want to do to socialize. People who don’t get out and be with others will get depressed over time. If you are depressed from lack of social activity you will not be as effective as you could be.THREE: Work from a position of strength. Remember that you have knowledge that others need. Knowledge is power and power is a position of strength. Don’t worry if people reject you. They do so because they feel bombarded. It is not personal. Know that your information is valuable and that the people who listen will benefit from your help. Those who don’t want to listen are destined to be left behind. Their loss is not your problem. There are plenty who are eager to hear about your solutions and help their business.I work from home and my job is really awesome. It is not awesome because I can stay at home and be with my family or go boating or snowboarding when i want. It’s not awesome because I make great money and enjoy an enviable lifestyle. It’s awesome because I get to help business owners move into the internet age with an effective, well rounded advertising campaign that only targets the zip codes that are important to their business. It is awesome because I get to also train others to do the same. It is awesome because this is an emerging technology that helps the small brick and mortar business who until now had been left behind with regard to advertising on line.Bottom line – I work hard at what I love. I love helping others while making a living doing what i want when and where i want. And the best part is my kids love it too because dad is around with plenty of money to spend on the better things in life. That to me is Awesome.I get up with my wife at 7 AM and shower while she gets the kids ready for school. I then drive them to school and give them a hug and a kiss and tell them how great they are and how well they can do in school if they work hard like daddy. Then I either go to the gym or back to my home office. I work out regularly to keep fit but also to get out and be with other people. Every day I speak with business owners and TELL them about this emerging online revolution for small business owners. Every day i get calls from other people who also want to live my dream. I tell them about it too.I don’t work a regular work week. I dont have to do that. I can drop what I am doing and let the calls go to voice mail if I want to have lunch with my wife or a friend. If I want to go waterskiing for the afternoon, no problem.However there is no substitute for consistent effort over a long period of time. So I apply a consistent effort over time and the income builds. You see in this business your income is residual. As you build your client base your income grows. As you train others to do the same your income grows. So I work when and where I want at a consistent pace over time.This page is the way to get started whether you are a small business advertiser or someone looking to change their life in a positive way. We all want to live the dream. Dreams are made of good decisions and hard work. However many dreams are fulfilled by being in the right place at the right time. To ride a wave you must be in front of the wave and ride it. This emerging technology is going to surge through the small business community. If you are a person who wants to find something they can do that will change your life then take the first steps toward that goal. Remember, constant effort applied over a period of time yields results.

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